Statesboro Magazine Article on Innovative Statesboro

The Statesboro Magazine had an article in it’s January 2015 issue about the growth and innovation happening in Statesboro. Not only did the article talk about ‘The Blue Mile’ project for revitalization of South Main, but the City Campus and FabLab were featured in the article as well.

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Student Eagle Entrepreneurs Earn FastPitch Awards

A team of six Georgia Southern University students earned three awards on Friday, March 7 during the fifth annual FastPitch Competition in Savannah, an event created to help local entrepreneurs start new ventures and grow existing ones.

Organized by Georgia Southern University, The Creative Coast and the Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC) Georgia Tech Savannah, the competition allowed entrepreneurs to pitch a three-minute presentation to local community and academic leaders, experienced investors, potential partners and members of the business community. Teams competed in three categories: Student Entrepreneurs, Early Stage Entrepreneurs and Local/Existing Entrepreneurs. Participants were judged on the criteria, impact, implementation, presentation, structure and delivery of the pitch.

FastPitch Go Local

Jacob Alves, Jonathan Chambers, Troy Cox, Andres Florido, Adrian Marshall and Francis Okechukwu make up the team, “Go Local,” named for an innovative mobile app that connects users to local events and venues. The team won first place in the Student Entrepreneur category, the Grand Prize “Overall Winner” award in the Final Pitch category and the Audience Choice Award. In addition, the team received $2,500 in seed money to aid their start-up company and costs.

“Go Local” was also offered a one year free membership with Georgia Southern University’s City Campus Virtual Business Incubator, a tool to support the start-up company with equipment usage, consulting and access to banks and investors.

“We’re very humbled and honored to be a part of this experience, especially in the student category where we’re just getting started,” said Jonathan Chambers, co-founder of “Go Local” and graduate student.  “We really learned quite a bit about what it takes to take an idea from conception to a profit-making company. It’s been an awesome ride. Our team has jived so well together, and we’re going to try to make this happen.”

Originally formed during Georgia Southern University’s 3 Day Startup (3DS) Program in February, the “Go Local” team was chosen to move on, which secured their application acceptance in the FastPitch competition.


3 Day Startup: Hands-on entrepreneurial experience for GSU students

Georgia Southern’s City Campus will be providing student business developers and innovators with the opportunity to bring their business idea to life. Georgia Southern will join the likes of Georgia Tech, MIT, Harvard, and UTexas to host our first ever 3 Day Startup event on campus February 14-16, 2014. (

3DS slide3 Day Startup (“3DS‘) was founded in 2008 at The University of Texas at Austin as a student organization. Now it’s spun off into it’s own non-profit organization which organizes the event around the globe. Over 2500+ 3DS alumni from over 70 events across 4 continents have started more than 41 companies that have collectively raised $14 million in investment capital.

The 3DS program creates a living entrepreneurship laboratory on university campuses by bringing together students ranging from freshmen to graduate students with diverse backgrounds. Participants gain experience in cross-disciplinary collaboration, brainstorming, ideation, and group productivity, including ad-hoc leadership and decision-making under severe time constraints. The resulting experience is just like that of working with a budding startup company.
The idea of 3DS is to start a company over the course of three days. Participants pick the best ideas for startups during the Friday brainstorming session and deliver prototypes and investor pitches on Sunday night.

3DS is another example of the commitment the Georgia Southern City Campus has made to leading entrepreneurial and innovative growth in the region.

For more information or inquiries contact the Suzanne Hallman, Business Advisor, at


Food for Thought on March 15th

 The next event in ATDC’s and the Creative Coast’s Entrepreneur Food for Thought Series will take place March 15th, 11.30am-1.00pm, at the campus of Georgia Tech Savannah. Jennifer Abshire, CEO, founder and chief creative officer of Abshire Public Relations, will speak about “Entrepreneurial Public Relations”.

About the Presentation:

You’ve started your own business and you’re ready to let the world know. Now it’s time to add public relations, an essential component of success, to the list of your entrepreneurial skills. Public relations is human relations and a critical aspect of growing your business. Everything you say and do is part of your PR campaign. It is the image you project every day to everyone you meet. It is about you and your company becoming a force in the public eye on a regular basis. PR that you undertake yourself can be a primary way to grow your business and become known without major expense.

For more information and to register before 3/13, please go to

The event is sponsored by ATDC Savannah and the Creative Coast

Hope to see you March 15th!

Market Creation in the Pharma Industry

Morgan Miles has had a paper accepted by a prestigious management journal (Journal of Business Research).  The paper focuses on market creation in the pharmaceutical industry where it explores market-creating innovation where a new product that has no close product substitutes is launched.  It reports on analysis of 51 large pharmaceutical firms.  Morgan co-authored the paper with Jenny Darroch (Claremont Graduate University).