GSU SIFE wins first runner-up!

On April 2nd, 2012, the Georgia Southern University SIFE team was one of the many colleges and universities in the United States that were invited to send a team to one of 11 Regional Competitions held around the country. Through a written annual report and live audiovisual presentation, teams reported the results of their community outreach projects to panels of business leaders serving as judges. The teams were evaluated based on how successful they were at using business concepts to improve the quality of life and standard of living for those in need. Competing teams were divided among separate leagues, with approximately five to seven teams per league. On average, two or three teams from each league were named regional champions and qualified for the SIFE USA National Exposition.  The GSU SIFE team faced some very tough opposition in their league, but were fortunate enough to come away with a First Runner-Up trophy!  Since the team at the early stages in its development, they were very excited about this accomplishment, and are focused on advancing to the National Competition next year.

In addition to the competition, an all-day career fair and the Top to Future-Top Forum held during lunch further enhanced the unique connections these events create among the student, academic and business leaders in attendance.  It was truly an inspiring experience to witness what more established student led teams are doing in their community, and this experience will only help our team to grow.


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