Entrepreneurs of the future

As most local businesses know, getting students to come downtown to experience all of the great things that Statesboro has to offer is quite difficult.  With all of the competition from corporate chains located on Northside Drive, some Georgia Southern Students never even visit the local businesses located in the city center throughout their entire pursuit of a 4-year degree.  Trinity Christian School has a plan of their own though, and it is to introduce their scholars to the wonderful world of Main Street at the prime ages of 7-9, so that they are made aware of what is available to them.  On a Valentine’s Day Field Trip, over 40 grade school children, chaperoned by teachers and volunteering parents, walked the streets of Statesboro, and visited multiple businesses that kindly accommodated the group by explaining the importance of their operations and providing a Valentine’s Treat.  At the end of the tour was the Entrepreneur Zone where one of our own, Jaye Parker, explained the necessity for entrepreneurs and innovation in Statesboro to spark economic development so that the city can continue to prosper.  At the end of the day, their bellies were filled with sugar and minds were jam-packed with knowledge.  There is no doubt that they will be future entrepreneurs, and a sincere thanks goes out to all that made this event possible.

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