BIG Construction Underway

The June 2nd City Council agenda was full items regarding construction at City Campus. Everything from costs to design for the FabLab, Innovation Center, Arts Incubator and Smith Alley were discussed. WTOC’s Dal Cannady was on hand to cover the BIG news…

Since the meeting, building permits were issued for DEMO and construction of offices for the Bureau for Business Research and Economic Development (BBRED) and the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) has begun!


City Council Gets the Dirt on Living Wall


Katie Reams and Abbie Pelech presented the final design for the Living Wall Downtown at the May 5 City Council meeting.

The Georgia Southern University Business Innovation Group and Center for Sustainability are working to together to bring Green Space to the alley between the E-Zone and soon to be constructed Incubator and FabLab downtown. City Campus was awarded the sustainability fee grant earlier this year.

This grant uses student sustainability fess to improve environmental sustainability across the Georgia Southern Campus. Students finalized the design of the Living Wall, which is what they presented to City Council. The design includes welded trellis panels to hold seasonal vegetables and native plants. The wall will also have solar pendant lamps, a reclaimed brick planter, and a reclaimed wooden bench. Students hope to make irrigation as sustainable as possibly by connecting the wall to a rain barrel drip irrigation system.

Over the next couple of months, students will work to construct and, then, install the new living wall. Students will also be responsible for maintaining the wall once it is in place.

The living wall will be a great new addition to the space downtown. Not only will it be a great aesthetic improvement, but it will also reduce the urban heat island effect and improve air quality. City Campus staff members are excited to see the BIG improvements through Student Sustainability Fees at work in Downtown Statesboro.

Research Students Present FabLab Findings


Students from Professor Dora Bock’s marketing research class spent spring semester creating focus groups and surveying 600 respondents to BIG’s efforts to spread the word about the FabLab.

The students found that even though 91 percent of respondents had never heard of BRRED or the services it offered, including City Campus and the FabLab, 46 percent of participants in this study were interested in using the FabLab once per month. They would prefer to use it once per month but then are not concerned about paying a monthly fee to access these services.

BIG would like to thank Dr. Dora Bock and her two marketing research classes. Their research will help to focus BIG’s marketing effort over the next year.

FabLab Showcased at Statesboro High for Georgia Stem Day


Ben McKay and Ian Chapin demonstrated 3D printing capabilities to Statesboro High School students for Georgia Stem day May 8.

Georgia STEM Day is a day for schools, students, teachers, and companies to raise awareness, celebrate, and engage in activities involving science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).

The students were amazed at how the 3D printer worked. They had some prior knowledge about how 3D technology works from television shows and stories; however, seeing the printer in action, actually printing layer by layer, truly astonished them. The FabLab demonstration was such a hit, it was hot topic on Snap Chat among Statesboro High School students by the end of the day.

The FabLab at City Campus will include 3D printers, a 3D scanner, CNC machines, a laser cutter and other cutting-edge technology for making product prototypes. Entrepreneurs will soon have a “one stop shop” to create, establish, and grow their companies right here in Statesboro.

Enactus Year-End Review

Written by Ryan Murchland

Enactus, an international organization that focuses on making a sustainable impact on the community and on respected college campuses around the globe, made its debut on the Georgia Southern University campus this year. As most new organizations and startup companies, the first year was full of ups and downs and was led by two guys who had no idea what Enactus was all about. As a last ditch effort to keep Enactus on campus, these two gentlemen took on roles of president and vice president in an effort to rejuvenate a quickly diminishing organization at Georgia Southern. With no experience in Enactus at all, the goal of reviving and creating an Enactus chapter at Georgia Southern began. Come to find out, Enactus never existed at Georgia Southern and was never recognized by the university as an official organization.

In May 2014, Steven Stewart, PhD and entrepreneurship professor took on the role of being the primary advisor of Enactus. Stewart began meeting with the president at the time, Bryan Flores and vice president, Ryan Murchland. Meeting through the end of the spring semester and periodically throughout the summer, a plan was put in place to schedule the kick-off meeting for the new organization.

The kick-off meeting had a phenomenal turnout with more than 25 students attending the meeting as well as a multitude of people contacting us via email about how to get involved. As most organizations progress, it is common for most students to slowly stop attending meetings and stop contributing towards the club. This was the main goal of the new organization; keep the turnover rate down and keep as many students involved as possible.

As mentioned earlier, we found Enactus never truly existed as an official organization under the university. The constitution and bylaws were outdated and had not been updated since the club was previously known as SIFE, approximately four years prior. With this new information, the first big project presented itself within the organization. The project was make Enactus an official organization, so we would be able to receive funding from the university as well as the College of Business Administration, which would help market the organization to students on campus. After the reconstruction of a new constitution and bylaws, Enactus became an official organization under the university.

Enactus learned that the life of an entrepreneur is full of pivots. Pivoting is defined by Eric Ries as “keeping one foot firmly in place as you shift the other in a new direction.” Between project ideas falling through and the ins and outs of making Enactus an official organization, it was a year full of pivots. The most important part is as pivots began reappearing, each pivot became a little easier to deal with. Enactus began with two projects; one that dealt with the One More Time Campaign and another that dealt with the Red Cross. Each project ended up falling through, and as an organization, Enactus pivoted extremely well off of these.

As a result of pivoting, came some of Enactus’ greatest accomplishments. A member of Enactus, who also volunteered with the Humane Society of Statesboro Bulloch County (HSSBC), put us in contact with the president of HSSBC and since has become partners. HSSBC is a non-profit organization that was financially hurting and in desperate need of help. Enactus, has since then, successfully raised $500 in four months for them. The $500 was enough to help save 4-5 animals from being euthanized, who are now on their way to being put in a loving a caring home where they belong. Enactus has also created a new chapter on campus called Paws N Claws of Southern (PNCoS). This organization was created in an effort to increase awareness about the Humane Society as well as increase the amount of volunteers.

Enactus has progressed this year and has even bigger plans for the future. Due to a small budget and lack of experience, Enactus was unable to compete this year at the regional competition. On the other hand, Enactus is expected to compete at the regional level in 2016, where it is the expectation of all members to place in the top three and move on to a national level competition. Enactus has high hopes for the upcoming year, and we can’t wait to share with you all the accomplishments that are yet to come.

Joining Campus and Community Through Greenery

sustain wall students

Student leaders, Katie Reams and Abbie Pelech, shared plans for the City Campus Living Wall at the Sustainability Reception during No Impact Week. The project leaders are focused on “joining campus and community through greenery,” and the project will do just that.

Students have been involved with every step of this project so far and will continue to maintain the living wall once it’s constructed. They’ve collected measurements and decided on a design. Over the next couple of months, volunteers will work on construction of the design and implementation of the plants in the City Campus alley.

Just as project leaders have suggested, the living wall will join campus and community by benefiting everyone. The living wall will add value to the community by providing aesthetic improvements, reducing the Urban Heat Island Effect and improving air quality. Students list benefits for City Campus to include noise reduction, improved energy efficiency and increasing the marketing potential of the space.

Student leaders will present the design and plans at the upcoming City Council meeting on Tuesday, May 5 at 9 a.m. at City Hall. City Campus employees are excited to see the Student Sustainability Fees at work in Downtown Statesboro.


PR Campaigns Impress GENIE client


BIG thanks are in order for Lori Mallard’s capstone PR campaigns class. The seniors worked hard on the Joint Development Authority of Jeff Davis County, Denton and Hazlehurst, GA (JDAJDC) campaign presentations.

The mission of the project for the JDAJDC was to market the community, expand relationships of the Joint Development Authority in Atlanta, and build better relationships with the local government. After seeing the presentations, JDAJDC Director, Illya Copeland, said that the students far exceeded his expectations.

Students contributed a lot of ideas during the presentations that will definitely be incorporated into the JDAJAC plans. Student groups began their presentations with SWOT analyses for the development authority. Each group then identified target audiences which were eligible work force in Jeff Davis County, existing industries in the county, and potential industries to relocate or expand into Jeff Davis County. Once these audiences were identified, students focused on key messages to deliver.

Each group had great ideas on tactics for delivering messages to the target audiences. Most every group had an idea of what the JDAJDC’s online presence should look like and how it could integrate social media as well. Groups also had unique ideas about workforce development, rewarding and/or highlighting existing industry, and showcasing Jeff Davis to the outside world.

Mr. Copeland and GENIE advisors received a plethora of valuable information from these presentations. The next step is to choose the best strategies to implement and to create a website for the JDAJDC. Everyone is very pleased with the work the students did and look forward to seeing more of the same in future projects.

Congratulations John Nwosu

The City Campus Team would like to Congratulate John Nwosu! For more information, follow the link below:

The 2015 Census Test is in full swing in your community!

Top Banner Collage

The 2015 Census Test is in full swing in your community!

On April 1, we celebrated Census Day. Partners across the test area hosted events, shared information with their community, and participated in social media promotion – all to continue to encourage everyone to go to to complete their test census! To all the partners who supported Census Day activities — thank you!

Here are a few highlights:

Veteran 2015 Census Test

The Allendale-Hampton-Jasper Regional Library made the rounds in Hampton and Jasper encouraging residents to complete the test census.

Goodwill Jesup taka-taka-taka

The Goodwill Job Connection in Jesup opened its doors (and air space) for a Census Day event.


Second Harvest of Coastal Georgia and the Metter Presbyterian Church teamed up to encourage locals to complete the 2015 Census Test when picking up food.

Mayor and Leopold

The West Broad Street YMCA synced up with E93, 520 Wings, Leopold’s Ice Cream (Stratton Leopold, pictured), Art Rise, Feed The Hungry, and the City of Savannah (Mayor Edna Jackson, pictured) to host a Census Day Celebration.

There’s still time (but don’t wait!)

We have 51 days until the 2015 Census Test closes and we need your help to make sure that everyone is counted. Continue to encourage everyone to go to to complete their test census, today! Also, here’s some information you can share with your community, patrons, friends, neighbors, and colleagues:

The 2015 Census Test in Savannah and 20 nearby counties in Georgia and South Carolina were chosen to test ways to encourage residents to res  pond online. Together, we can educate, inform, and inspire the Savannah area to complete the 2015 Census Test — to make sure we all count. Go to to complete your test census today.

Are you a social media guru?

Use #WeCount2015 to tell your friends about the survey on your social networks and share information directly from the social hub at

Thank you!

Have you spread the word, sent emails, hosted events? Tell us about it! Contact us

And, as always, thank you for your support. Together we can make sure that everyone is counted!

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